Design Alert: Introducing the New Lake Show Mall Website Design!

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Team Web Full Circle is excited to share the recently completed website redesign for Florida based client, Lake Shore Mall ( We took a dated, clunky, information-lacking site and completely evolved it into a modern, informative, navigation-friendly place for community members to come and better understand news, events, and store happenings all coming from their regional mall.

As the Charlotte website design industry continues to change, one trend that is now preferred by major search engine algorithms like that of Google is offering more information (content, images, videos, etc) tightly written and optimized around the any given website’s theme. As such, our team followed suit with this best practice by enhancing the amount of information surrounding everything from community news and events to announcements about new promotions offered by the malls resident stores.

Lake Shore Mall? Who’s That?

Living within 489,000Sq Ft, the Lake Shore Mall offers food, shopping and entertainment for the family in and around Sebring, FL. Also included as an attraction of the mall, is a movie theater including a dining room. We enjoyed working with this client because they represent a safe and fun place for all ages to visit, unwind and enjoy their leisurely time. Whether you want to shop til you drop, or cozy up to your significant other during a new movie, Lake Shore Mall is the place to be!

Website Redesign for An Old Site

website-design-charlotte-493x1024When we’re faced with a website redesign project, we always start by establishing our ultimate goal with the client. For Lake Shore Mall, they sought to design increase level of engagement within the community by using their website design to better inform the surrounding community that Lake Shore Mall is more than just a center for stores. Using this goal as our team’s foundation, we took the actual website design direction down the avenues a look including a modern and youthful feel with the use of larger imagery to sensationalize all the great offerings of Lake Shore Mall.

Web Full Circle’s Implementation categorize

  • Responsive Design – Online user behavior over the past several years points directly to a significant increase in mobile device use. Put simply, people are searching, reading and shopping for services and products on their mobile devices now more than ever before. If your website is not able to reach these users, you are missing out on a HUGE portion of your market, so we made quick work of ensuring we design the new Lake Shore Mall website in a way that can be easily viewed on the entire spectrum of devices – desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Simplified Navigation – As a regional mall, Lake Shore Mall’s audience is gigantic. When faced with developing navigation for big audiences, we believe less is more. We took this opportunity to “zoom out” on the navigation and guide the user down new paths where more information is included on each page, decreasing the amount of pages they have to read and choose between to reach their end destination.
  • Big, Beautiful Images – Who doesn’t love bright, high-resolution images? We sure do! We worked with Lake Shore Mall to obtain new, glossy images that really spoke to the environment that they provide to any who visit. This particular client is lucky enough to be located in a paradise of sorts down in Florida, so we chose to take their new website design down the route of showcasing their vibrant location as it related directly to Lake Shore Mall.

Web Full Circle President, Ken Widger, recently took a moment to comment on our team’s execution of this website. “We’ve incorporated a design that speaks to their target audience in terms of imagery, typeface size, and quality of navigation,” says Widger. “Land Shore Mall’s site further proves our team’s ability to produce websites fully customized around the needs of each specific client we work with.”


Charlotte Website Design At Web Full Circle

Website design is the tip of the iceberg at Web Full Circle. We are a one-stop-shop for your internet marketing, Charlotte website design and networks service needs. Our team is comprised of professionals dedicated to excellence within the online world. The recent project we completed with Lake Shore Mall is just one example of how we work with clients, regardless of location, to deliver them to an expanded online footprint and greater ROI.

Enjoy your new site Lake Shore Mall, and may it light the way to a bright future of community fun!