Three Types of Digital Content Specialists that You Can Hire

 In Content Marketing

You’ve embarked on a Content Marketing Strategy, and you at least understand the basics. Now it’s time to actually create that content. What are your options? You could write the content yourself, but do you really have time to oversee all aspects of your business? Probably not.  Your next option is to hire a content writer. You can either hire a freelance writer to work on an article by article basis, paying for each individual piece. Alternatively, you could hire an in-house onsite content specialist.  This person can specifically develop your whole content strategy.  So which one of these options is better?

Hiring Freelancers Versus Onsite Content Specialists

Currently, many platforms are dedicated to hiring freelance writers.  Freelancers are generally writers who work for you remotely.  Some of these websites that you can use to find freelancers are better than others.  A few of my favorites include Upwork, Textbroker, and WriterAccess.  However, we’ll save the specific pros and cons of those platforms for another day. For now, Let’s just evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of hiring freelancers versus hiring an in-house content specialist.

Let’s begin with freelancers. There are actually a bunch of advantages to going this route. First, they can be hired on an as needed basis.  This makes them general contractors as opposed to full-time employees. You can pay them on an as needed basis too.  That can definitely be more cost effective.  Also, you don’t need them onsite, and they can work remotely. Perhaps you hire a freelancer.  If you don’t like that writer’s style, then you can easily find another writer who better suits your needs.

So what are the disadvantages of hiring freelancers?

Well, generally they work remotely, so they can pretty much disappear on you anytime, which makes them unreliable. You can’t necessarily build a long term relationship with them.  Here’s another downside.  People who apply to create your content might not have a lot of experience in your particular industry.

Furthermore, you could potentially have to invest a significant amount of time researching. This research could include deciding on titles for each piece of content and providing a general outline for the writer.  Plus, you might need to edit the content once the writer delivers it.  You would also have to publish the article across all of your platforms.

All of this means that either you or someone in your company has to do all of this. This definitely contributes to the real cost of every piece of content that a freelancer creates for you. If that person also has other duties, this increases your labor costs too.  Working on content would pull that person away from their regular tasks.  They would essentially be doing two jobs.

Hiring an Onsite Content Specialist

An onsite content specialist would be a full-time employee who works with you in your office. This can be really helpful because they can get a better feel for your company culture and brand identity. Furthermore, a good content specialist is very likely to also be an SEO and social media specialist. That means you’re hiring someone to fulfill all of those marketing needs.

Furthermore, having one person who can address all of those needs for you is great for your digital marketing strategy.  The strategy is far more likely to be cohesive and consistent.  Plus, it will be able to evolve with your business.  That means it will be able to adapt to changes and trends in the world of digital marketing.  Those changes and trends can be frequent and fleeting.

The disadvantages to hiring an onsite content specialist may very well depend on the size of your company. Onsite content specialists are usually full-time employees. This means they would have an annual salary.  Plus, you would likely be obligated to provide them with benefits.  Some of these benefits might include health insurance, paid holidays, paid time off, sick days, retirement plans, and taxes. If you’re running a relatively small business, those costs may not be feasible for you.

Furthermore, your content writer needs to truly understand your particular business.  Knowing your business help them formulate a digital marketing approach.  Thus, your writer will definitely need to be trained. You need to seriously consider whether or not you have the time to train and manage this additional employee.

There’s a Third Option

Have you considered hiring a digital marketing agency? Digital marketing agencies can generally address all of your online marketing needs, from website updates to redesigns. They will also handle content, SEO, social media marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.

Hiring a good digital marketing agency is essentially like hiring employees without bearing the costs associated. Generally, you will have a specific account manager who will be your primary point of contact.

This person will assess all of your digital marketing needs.  After the initial assessment they will discuss all of your options with you.  After reviewing your options, they answer any questions that you may have. From there that account manager addresses everything about your company’s requirements to formulate a comprehensive and cohesive plan of action.

Additionally, this team of onsite content specialists are all trained in digital marketing strategy.  They are constantly researching market changes and trends. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping up to date.  You can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

So what are the advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency?

Not only are you hiring a full team of onsite content specialists, this avenue is more cost effective. You aren’t paying for a full-time employee, with all of the costs that that entails. You are generally paying flat rates for services, and you can choose what services you need. If you’re just getting started with online marketing, you might not be ready to implement everything all at once. Maybe you’ll start with just a new website.  As you get more comfortable, you can add a blog, SEO, social media marketing, and PPC campaigns.

Ultimately, you as a business owner, should consider all aspects of what you want from your digital marketing plan. Once you understand all of your needs, you can prioritize those needs and form a plan of implementation. If you’re just looking for some general blog content for weekly posts, a freelance writer might be a good fit.  If you’re looking for more than just content, a full-time content specialist might work for you. Plus an onsite content specialist is great if you have a large budget.  If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, then hiring a local content marketing company in Charlotte is probably your best bet.  A content agency can provide the most comprehensive and cost effective approach.