Pediatric Website Design Launched

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One of our clients, Pediatric Surgical Associates (, is a well-known pediatric surgical clinic serving the greater Charlotte area for many years now. A total of six board-certified physicians make up the surgical team that completes a variety of pediatric procedures from minimally invasive surgery, to omphalocele, to pulmonary sequestration and many more. We have worked with the clinic for some time now, most recently being last month. To give their users more access to the clinic’s information, we updated their website with a responsive design allowing for maximum readability that automatically adjusts regardless of the device they may be using.

Services Delivered to Pediatric Surgical ASSOCIATES

A responsive design was the best functional fit for the redesign of this particular client’s website because the site itself serves as a critically important informational resource for physicians, parents and patients alike. Users depend on this website for information on Pediatric Surgical’s physicians, facility directions, surgery questions, FAQ’s and more. That being said, we faced the task of developing a way for users to obtain this information no matter if they are using a desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone or any other type of mobile device.


Since we launched Pediatric Surgical Associate’s redesigned website, users enjoy the quick and easy access to information they need the most. The new website reflects the clinic’s growth, success and ability to help children in need most importantly. We understand that there’s nothing more frightening than your child being in a state of emergency care need without you having the resources or information needed to help them. That’s why we surrounded our services for this project around making information pertaining to Charlotte children’s surgery more readily available. Now, regardless of whether users in our community are casually Internet surfing or in an immediate need of information about Pediatric Surgical, they can not only access it around-the-clock, but also on any device and from anywhere.

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