Web Full Circle Grows Local Athletic Advisory Client with New Web Design

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Agile, sleek and fast. These are just a few ways to describe the brand new website we crafted for Premier Athlete Advisers. We love working with visual clients, and Premier Athlete Advisers landed directly in our sweet spot when they asked us for a website that contextually informs and visually impresses. The outcome is a website design that is unique, engaging and interesting.

Who is Premier Athlete Advisers?

Adam Seifer, a highly trained local attorney, is the CEO/Founder of Premier Athlete Advisors. He works with professional football players to maximize the value of his clients’ contracts. He also works closely with each client to ensure that their futures are secure during life after football. Adam brings his years of success in legal representation into the industry of athlete representation.

Website Design for A New Business

As a brand new enterprise business, Premier Athlete Advisers had no website prior to working with Web Full Circle. Project likes these are very exciting for our team. It gives us the opportunity to not only bring a business into the online arena, but we get to set the bar for our client’s future website design directions. Our client will always have our work to base their next website decision, whether that be to modify the look and feel, add a new page and much more! Some would call it geeky, but we absolutely love diving into this type of work.

What We Did

  • aa2-216x600Parallax Scrolling. We love this effect. For Premier Athlete Advisors, we identified large portions of the page occupied by high-resolution images of in-action football players to include this feature. The end results allows users visiting the website to scroll down the page at a faster rate than the background images. What this does is create a 3D effect as you scroll through information down the page.
  • One-Page Look. Our team did a good job of taking a lot of textual material and segmenting it out into easy-to-read sections in this one-page design. One-page designs help our web designers simplify navigation for users visiting a website by including the majority of the information into well-organized sections placed in a specific order on the homepage.
  • Responsive. Having a website that works equally well on desktop, tablet and mobile is more important than ever. If your site is not mobile-friendly, algorithm changes from the major search engines have made it virtually impossible to appear on the first page of the search results if a user searches on a mobile device. Thanks to responsive design, Premier Athletic Advisors’ site looks great on any device it is viewed on.

Working with Web Full Circle

At Web Full Circle, we make data-driven decisions. Our experience enables us to guide clients through the design and development process while making sure we remain true to the original goal.

Do you have any questions after reading this information? Please contact us today at (980)-939-8795 if you would like more information on this project, web design or internet marketing!