OmniVue Digital Marketing


No time to pursue digital marketing for your store? No access to the talent you can trust with your business? We can help you navigate your business through digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. As a business owner, you have enough things going on competing for your time. Let us worry about bringing qualified buyers in the door while you focus on what really matters, your customers and store.

Website + Ecommerce

A website is more than your virtual calling card. Transform this asset of your digital footprint into a tool for sales. Whether you sell online or entice shoppers to visit your store or just call for your services, displaying your website with the best product data and high-quality design is the first step in your omnichannel success story.

  • While you are asleep, is your website earning your business money?
  • Why should you spend more time to perform better online?

Engaging customers at every stage of the journey creates seamless shopping experience and successful omnichannel strategy.

Visualization Solutions


Visualization increases conversions by 20%. If you’re in the retail industry and you’re not showing the highest quality images of your products online, you are losing a potential 20% increase in new customers every year. MicroD is the pioneer in product visualization. We were breaking the mold before anyone else in the industry. As technology improves, consumers expect retailers and manufacturers to improve.

Visualize the new way consumers buy products and make decisions. Product visualization blends your online showroom and in-store visual experience for furniture shoppers. The longer your customer stays engaged with your website, the more likely they are to purchase your product. That’s why MicroD is always innovating for the newest ways to visualize your furniture online.

Electronic Data Interchange


As a furniture retailer, you want to make the home furnishings shopper happy. Whether the customer is browsing collections in your store or researching options online, the shared end goal is to connect with that consumer, close the deal, and move merchandise.