Working With Steve Smith For Charity

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Here at Web Full Circle, we strongly believe that as a locally owned business, we should actively help to better our Charlotte Community. Throughout the year, our Team engages in all sorts of community building activities and fundraisers.

Recently, we proudly sponsored the Tee Up For Health event for the Steve Smith Family Foundation. The Foundation partnered with Topgolf to offer a fun-filled fundraiser in support of the Foundation’s health and wellness programs. We had a blast competing in golf, watching the first Monday Night Football game of the season, playing games, and so much more!

The Steve Smith Family Foundation was founded in 2013 by Steve and Angie Smith as a way to give back to the community. As a professional football player, Steve understands the importance of living an active and healthy life, and he is committed to helping the more disadvantaged in our community to have access to programs and resources that they may not have otherwise. Through a partnership with the YMCA, the Steve Smith Family Foundation offers programs to promote healthy lifestyles and combat childhood obesity.

In 2016, the Steve Smith Family Foundation was fortunate to partner with Project 658, another local non-profit organization, to open the Smith Family Wellness Center. This health clinic offers free medical services to those in need in our Charlotte community. Providing the highest standard of care, the Wellness Center helps its patients with their medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The Steve Smith Family Foundation is also committed to increasing awareness and prevention of domestic violence. Having experienced domestic violence personally, Steve understands the importance of supporting victims and survivors of domestic violence. The foundation works hard to raise money for domestic violence awareness and prevention by holding all sorts of events throughout the year.

Interested in helping the Steve Smith Family Foundation assist those in need in our community? Learn more about upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities here (website).