Professional Web Designers in Charlotte NC


Your website is how customers on the internet see your brand. Our designs ensure that your site presents the image that you want your customers to see.


A frustrated website user is far less likely to become a customer. We keep our navigation and layouts as intuitive as possible.


We are experts at turning visitors into buyers. We know how to structure websites so that they have the maximum probability of converting.


 We have worked with some of the most recognizable brands in Charlotte and further afield to help them take their online presence to the next level. Click on the links below to view the before and afters.


Our responsive designs allow for maximum readability that automatically adjusts through content navigation, resizing, scrolling and panning features embedded into the back-end of your new custom website. By doing this, your content, your message, and your product or service lines are more accessible and work beautifully on just about any screen across the wide variety of devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc).

Our web design team utilizes the latest website crafting techniques for the optimal user experience. Mobile browsing is only growing so let us ensure that you capture that audience when they visit.


Internet users expect the websites they visit to work perfectly on whatever device they are using. If your current site requires potential clients to scroll from side-to-side on their cell phone, or try to click on a tiny button, then you risk losing a sale. That is presuming that they even find your site in the first place – search engines have begun promoting mobile-friendly websites in the search results above more establish non-mobile-friendly sites. If your site does not already incorporate a responsive design, there is a good chance that your are losing customers to your competitors.




We immediately rank the elements on your website based on your overall business objectives. Does your business want users to call in, submit a form, engage in live chat, signup for a newsletter, or take some other action? These are the elements that get prominence in terms of both placement, size, and color.



White space is all about the use of the priority elements. The priority of information, be it fonts, colors or graphics. A page without white space is stuffed full of text and graphics. This is the “junk drawer” theory and it runs the risk of appearing busy, cluttered, and difficult to navigate. This is why simple, clean websites are scientifically proven to convert better.



Visual priority is one of the most important ideas behind quality web design. It’s the order in which the human eye prioritizes what it sees. Certain parts of your website are more important than others (contact forms, conversion CTA, sales messaging, etc), and we want those to get more of the user’s attention to improve the experience.

Our Web Design Process

Web Full Circle has helped thousands of clients improve how they operate online. Our finely-tuned website design process comes from the experience we have gathered working with a full spectrum of businesses – from multi-million dollar multinational b2b, to single location b2c, and everything in-between.

We start by discussing what business goals the client wants to achieve with their new website. We combine client goals with our extensive experience of developing high performing websites.

A solid plan is key to a successful website. Our team works with the client to produce a sitemap and wire-frames that ensure the user experience will be as intuitive as possible.

At this stage the website really starts to take shape. We define the color pallete, add graphics and photos, and pick the final typefaces.

This is where the behind-the-scenes stuff happens. Our coding experts ensure that the website is optimized and functions the way it was intended to.

We use one of the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry. Every link, image and content block is checked for errors. We test sites on every browser imaginable to ensure proper functionality, monitor site speed and much more. You can rest assured that your new site will work as promised, right out of the box.

Important websites cannot afford to be offline for long. Our efficient deployment process ensures minimal downtime while maintaining the highest quality results. Post launch, we perform further quality assurance before handing over the site.